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Today’s image was taken on a recent trip to Hawaii. While we were there, we took a tour of Pearl Harbor. Part of the tour included a visit to the USS Missouri. The Missouri is famous for several things. It was the largest battleship ever constructed. It also is the last battleship ever constructed. It was the place where the ‘Instrument of Surrender’ was signed by the US and Japan formally ending World War II. Finally, after being mothballed for several years, the ship was reactivated, reoutfitted and used in combat in support of Desert Storm. The ship has once again been put out of service but has found a home in Pearl Harbor on Battleship Row next to the sunken USS Arizona. I’m not exactly sure what this object is, but I thought it looked cool so I took a picture.


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I’ve been wanting to try doing some texture processing on my images for some time and I finally went ahead and downloaded the Flypaper textures to give them a try. I picked an image I had taken a couple of years ago of a stalk of wheat from a nearby field. I remember the day being windy and it was a challenge to get the grain portion in focus while keeping the DOF to a minimum. This was one of those images that I sort of liked, but couldn’t come up with a final image that I really liked. This time I decided to try adding some texture to the image and do some more playing around and I like what I came up with.

Greyhound Bus Depot

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Bus Depot

I’ve been doing black and white conversions in Photoshop for some time now, but I’ve always been interested in the results I’ve seen from Nik’s Silver Efex Pro plugin. Well, I finally took the plunge and purchased it. As a quick test of the software I decided to try it out on an image I had been playing around with.

The picture shows the Greyhound bus depot in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The depot itself was built around 1940 in the Streamline Moderne style. I’ve always enjoyed the look of this building, although its a shame that it hasn’t been kept in better shape. I took this picture on an early morning walk I made around town a couple of months ago.

This is a shot of Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan. The image was taken at 7 am, just as the morning rush hour was getting started. I didn’t have a tripod with me (and the transit police probably would have hassled me anyway) so I just set my camera on the staircase railing. I wanted to use a relatively slow shutter speed to capture some movement, but I didn’t want everything to be blurred. I really like the fact that there is a mix of people who are blurred, and others who aren’t. This images is a toned black & white converted from a color image, but in reality the color image doesn’t look that much different.

Rush Street

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Rush Street - Ann Arbor, Mi

This is a shot of a local restaurant/bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The weather here has been cold and snowy for some time, and when we had a nice day following a storm, I decided to take advantage of the sunny day to walk around town to see what I might find. I started out using my 70-300mm telephoto (2x crop factor) because I wanted to get some detail shots. As I was walking up Main street, I noticed this restaurant from across the street. I had always liked the typography of the restaurant’s sign, but this time there was just a bit of snow on the front which added something to the image. I particularly liked the bits of snow on E’s.

State Theatre – Ann Arbor

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State Theatre - Ann Arbor, Michigan

This is a picture of the State Theatre in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The theater is located in the central campus area of the University of Michigan. The theater was designed by C. Howard Crane, who also designed the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan. The theater was built in 1942. Originally a single screen theater with balcony, it was carved into four theaters in 1979. Later, the bottom two theaters were closed and converted to retail space. The two upper theaters remain, occupying the original balcony space.

Brooklyn Bridge

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Brooklyn Bridge

This is a fairly standard shot of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. This is a shot of one of the towers that I took as I was walking from Manhattan to Brooklyn. This was the first time I had walked on the bridge and it was an interesting experience. I think the thing that struck me the most was the geometric patterns created by all the suspension wires. I tried to capture that in this shot. In processing, I converted from color to black and white and then added a sepia tone. I also added a bit of simulated film grain to give a more vintage feeling to the image.