Posted on Apr.24, 2009, under Architecture, New York

(Olympus E-500, 14-54mm at 14mm (2x crop factor), ISO 200, exposure 1/3 sec @ f/4.5)

This is a shot of Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan. The image was taken at 7 am, just as the morning rush hour was getting started. I didn’t have a tripod with me (and the transit police probably would have hassled me anyway) so I just set my camera on the staircase railing. I wanted to use a relatively slow shutter speed to capture some movement, but I didn’t want everything to be blurred. I really like the fact that there is a mix of people who are blurred, and others who aren’t. This images is a toned black & white converted from a color image, but in reality the color image doesn’t look that much different.

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Image and text Copyright © 2007,2009 James W. Howe – All rights reserved

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