Posted on Oct.29, 2010, under HDR

Northwest Airlines DC-3

(Nikon D700, 16mm fisheye, ISO 200, 9 exposure HDR @ f/16)

On my recent excursion to Greenfield Village I made a stop next door at the Henry Ford Museum to shoot some of the indoor exhibits. One of the more impressive sights when you enter the main entrance is this Northwest Airlines DC-3 aircraft suspended from the ceiling. The Henry Ford Museum does not have a large collection of aircraft, but it does have a handful of interesting and historically significant aircraft in its collection.

I set up low to the floor using my rented 16mm fisheye in an attempt to get a dramatic angle on the plane. I shot 9 exposures, some of them were quite long, and then processed the images in Photomatix. I think the HDR processing did a terrific job with bringing out the grain in the wood floor but it also intensified the gold color cast which was caused by the floor. I debated about adjusting the white balance to make the plane less gold and more silver/chrome colored, but I decided that I liked the gold color cast.


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