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Ford Motor Company Building - Greenfield Village

(Nikon D700, 16mm fisheye, ISO 200, HDR 7 exposures @ f/16)

One of the best things about living in Michigan is when you get a warm, indian summer day in late October. The sun is starting to hang a bit lower in the sky and the afternoon light is terrific, particularly when coupled with blue sky and red or yellow leaves on the trees. Last weekend I spent an afternoon at Greenfield Village and the day just got better as the day went on. It was getting close to closing time at the museum and I was walking toward the entrance when I passed by the quarter-size replica of Ford’s original Mack Ave. plant. Something about the light on the building, the leaves in the tree and the clouds in the sky just compelled me to take this shot. I popped on my rental 16mm fisheye and set up my tripod to capture shots for an HDR image.

Processing consisted of taking the 7 exposures into Photomatix 4. It was breezy that day so I took advantage of the semi-manual method of anti-ghosting to remove the ghosting on the leaves. It worked fairly well. I only focused on the leaves in the main part of the image, if you look towards the edges I’m sure you will see blur/ghosting artifacts but with the fisheye it’s not a big part of the image. The Photomatix processing left the image a bit flat from a contrast perspective, so I finished things up in Photoshop with a bit of a bump in saturation and added some additional contrast using a curves layer. Overall I’m pleased with how it came out. Click the image to see it larger.

Your comments and feedback are always appreciated.

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