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Arcadia Theater

(Nikon D700, 15mm fisheye, ISO 1000, Exposure 1/15 sec @ f/5.6)

One of the amazing thing about today’s cruise ships is the amount of stuff they can pack on to a ship. Our ship, the Freedom of the Seas, had a main theater, a screening room for films, an ice rink with seating for ice shows, etc. These ships are quite tall and yet the underwater draft of this ship is only 28 feet. I’m continually amazed these things don’t just tip over. Even more impressive is their stability. We didn’t have huge seas, but we had some 6-8 ft swells and some strong winds and the boat would only gently sway at most. It did bother some people, but for me at worst I sometimes felt like I was walking a little drunk when the ship would move one way or another.

This image shows the entrance to the Arcadia Theater. I really liked the color and deco design elements of this theater. Taking pictures on the ship was a challenge for me. There were so many bright surfaces and so many lights the final images just seemed to come out too busy. I tried a couple different attempts at processing this image and at some point I decided to try using Topaz Simplify just to eliminate some of the extraneous reflections and focus more on the color and design elements of the theater entrance. Other than using Topaz Simplify, the main work I did on the image was to crop in a bit tighter and adjust the color balance somewhat before applying the Simplify filter.


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