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Angell Hall

(Nikon D700, 16-35mm at 16mm, ISO 200, Exposure 1/125 sec @ f/16)

This shot is a companion to yesterday’s image showing just the steps of Angell Hall on the campus of the University of Michigan. Not much more to say, really. I really enjoy raking light when it shines across surfaces which create deep shadows. After taking the picture of the steps I switched lenses to my 16-35 so I could get a wider shot. The tree had red/brown leaves which I thought looked good in the sunlight against the stone of the building. I debated about keeping the image in color, but after I played with a black and white version I decided I liked it better.

Processing consisted of a couple different steps. The first thing I did was some fairly radical perspective correction. This involved using the free transform tool in photoshop to do a combination of skew and scale to correct the perspective distortion. Once that was done, I used Silver Efex Pro to try a conversion to black and white. Once again I wanted a fairly high contrast image so I look for a film simulation which gave me a look close to what I wanted. I used a couple of control points to even out some areas of the image and I used a fairly high global structure value which helps bring out details in the stone.

Angell Hall - as shot

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