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(Olympus E-3, 7-14mm at 7mm (2x crop factor), ISO 500, 5 exposure HDR @ f/9.0)

As I was heading in to work one morning, I noticed that there were some interesting clouds in the sky and thought I might be able to capture some images with nicely lit clouds. I work near the University of Michigan, so I drove over to the campus area to see what possibilities might await me. I parked near the UM Law School and I liked the way the morning light was shining on the Law School Reading Room. Since I had my tripod with me, I decided to shoot several exposures to create an HDR image. I’ve always liked what HDR can do with brick and stone so this building was a natural.

When I processed the shots, I initially did a fairly strong HDR to get some details in the building. However, I didn’t like what it did to the sky, made it to comical. I did a second processing of the exposures using some different settings to get a better sky. I then merged the two in Photoshop. The finished image is still a bit stronger than I typically like in an HDR. The grass in particular looks a bit alien. I’ll probably rework this one to come up with something that is more realistic, but has a bit of HDR bite.

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  • Ilan says:
    I just have to try this HDR stuff once – The result made me pick up pieces of my jaw from the floor.

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