Posted on May.29, 2009, under Architecture, Michigan

(Olympus E-3, 14-54mm at 29mm (2x crop factor), ISO 100, 5 exposures @ f/9.0)

The Fleetwood Diner is an Ann Arbor institution. The diner opened in 1949 as the Dag-Wood and was built from a kit manufactured by the Dag-Wood Diner Company in Toledo, Ohio. The diner was renamed the Fleetwood Diner in 1971. The exterior was originally enamel, but was given a stainless steel exterior in 1998. For more history and interesting tidbits on the diner, visit The Fleetwood Diner page, hosted by a local Ann Arbor resident.

The image itself was produced from 5 different exposures ranging from -2 to +2. The images were processed using Photomatix, with additional processing in Photoshop CS4. Similar to my Acme Mercantile shot, I again used the Topaz Simplify filter from Topaz Labs to ‘simplify’ some of the features in the background.

Comments and feedback welcome.

Update: An alternative version of this image can be found on my Flickr account. Check it out and let me know which one you like better (if you have a preference)

Image and text Copyright © 2009 James W. Howe – All rights reserved

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  • Ilan says:
    Even though in this photo you have strong, vivid colors, it reminds me a bit of one of my favorite painters – Edward Hopper.
    Kind of a typical, all American diner with a family feeling to it.
  • Bo says:
    A bit of Americana. Ate there a bit when my daughter was at UM. It is rather Hopper-ish!
  • scuba_suzy says:
    I like the saturated colours 🙂 I see where Ilan is going witht he Hopper ref.

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