Posted on Mar.27, 2009, under Automobiles

(Olympus E-3, 70-300mm at 120mm (2x crop factor), ISO 320, exposure 1/1000 sec @ f/5.6)

I love taking pictures of classic automobiles and so I took a short road trip to the Gilmore Car Museum to attend one of their outdoor classic car shows. This shot shows the hood ornament, or ‘mascot’, of a Pierce Arrow automobile. I was lucky that the car was parked next to another car with such an interesting color, since it gave me a nice background. I think the blue goes quite well with the chrome of the figure and the gold of the arrow. I used a long lens to get a very narrow field of focus, but my preference would be for more of the figure to be in sharp focus. Maybe this year…

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  • Rebel Ed says:
    Beautiful; I believe they called him “The Archer.” Your soft focus gives it a handsome artistic look. Thank you for a fine memory of a fine American automobile.

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