Posted on Sep.29, 2012, under Automobiles

(Nikon D700, 28-300mm at 28mm, Exposure 1/800th sec @ f/5, ISO 250)

This image is a followup to my previous blog post which showed the windshield of a 1937 Delahaye M-135 Cabriolet. A couple of people commented that they would have liked to see the whole car. I took a look through my catalog and found this shot that I took shortly after the windshield shot. I hope it gives you some idea of the interesting design of the automobile.

For processing I wanted to try to separate the car from the background. I used a technique that I’ve had success with in the past. In Photoshop, I used Topaz Simplify to create a new layer using the Buz Sim preset. This preset does a nice job of abstracting the people and the grass. I then used a mask to reduce or eliminate the effect on the car itself. I also used a curves layer to darken the background a bit as well, trying to bring the car forward. Finally I cropped the image to eliminate some of the distracting elements.

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