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(Nikon D700, 28-300mm at 190mm, Exposure 1/640th sec @ f/5.6, ISO 250)

One of my favorite activities to do in the summer is to attend some of the wonderful classic car shows held in Michigan. The image above comes from the 2012 Concours d’Elegance of America held at St. John’s, near Northville, Michigan. This Concours is one of the best in the country and they always have a great collection of classic automobiles. It’s always nice to see cars from other countries or manufacturers that you don’t encounter every day. It’s also nice to see how designs have changed through the years.

The Concours d’Elegance always does a nice job grouping cars by theme. They generally group by year, but they also group by other criteria. At this year’s Concours, one of the groupings was the ‘Jazz Age’. These cars exhibited some cars with the nicest lines. I’ve always been fond of cars from the ’30’s. I think car design was really taking off during that period. Included in this section where a few cars produced by Delahaye. The Delahaye automobile company started operation in 1894 and existed, in one form or another, until 1956. I’ve seen a handful of cars from the 30’s and they are some of the most interesting designs that I’ve ever seen, very curvy, very Art Deco. The shot above shows the windshield of a 1937 M-135 Cabriolet. As I was taking shots of other cars in this group I noticed the reflection on the windshield that made the glass almost opaque. I zoomed in to focus on the look of the chrome and glass and to capture the interesting detail work around the frame, in particular, note the little point in the frame which surrounds the windshield. The final processing was actually pretty simple, just some minor adjustments all done in Lightroom 4.

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