Posted on Jul.19, 2009, under Architecture, Michigan

(Olympus E-3, 7-14mm at 7mm (2x crop factor), ISO 100, exposure 1/20 sec @ f/11.0)

This shot shows the Wintergarden portion of the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan. The RenCen is also the world headquarters of General Motors. This is another picture that I took on this years Worldwide Photowalk organized by Scott Kelby and friends. The RenCen was the starting and ending point for our walk. We finished the walk and had some lunch at the food court. When I came in from outside, I took this shot. Shortly thereafter, a security guard approached some of our photowalk members and informed them that there could be no photography inside the building. There was even a vague threat to one of our photographers that they might confiscate his camera. It was later learned that it was ok to shoot with point and shoot cameras, but not ‘professional’ cameras. What a load of crap. Anyway I have this one shot which I think came out all right. The picture has a slightly greenish cast to it because the glass is tinted green. I debated about fixing the white balance, but I kind of like the color cast.

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  • barb says:
    I really like the green. Had the same problem with security people at other venues in the past. I think they want to threaten taking your camera so that they can keep it. Jerks. Nice shot!

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