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(Nikon D700, 28-300mm at 28mm, ISO 200, Exposure 4 seconds @ f/22)

This shot of the main stretch of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii started out life as a series of brackets to be used for an HDR. I had set my tripod up on a breakwater and shot back at the beach area about 20 minutes after sunset. I processed the brackets, but I didn’t like the end result. There was a bit of a breeze that night and I think it contributed to some camera shake which caused the resultant image to be less sharp that I like. I looked at the brackets and decided to see what I could do with just one of the brackets. Turns out the middle bracket had enough detail to produce an interesting image. The main goal in processing was to brighten certain areas of the image, particularly the hotels. I also wanted to make sure that the clouds had some detail. The original image had a large amount of ocean which I didn’t think contributed to the image, so I cropped it to make it more of a pano. I think that works well with the shape of the coast, the buildings and Diamondhead in the background.

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