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I’m in the process of integrating my various web locations in to a central, WordPress managed, location. The idea is that it will make my life a lot easier if I’m able to do almost everything from within WordPress, instead of doing raw HTML for my portfolio pages, Blogger for my blog, etc. I’m still pulling together the various components, but right now I have my image portfolio and blog integrated and served via WordPress. In the future I hope to add the content of my Image Notebook blog to this site as well. I also hope to integrate my ImageKind store into the site as well. Currently the ‘purchase’ link just takes you to my ImageKind page.

Before I make this version of my web site live, I would appreciate getting feedback on what you think about the redesign. The new site will replace the content found at and Please poke around this version of the site and leave comments on this post to let me know what you think. All constructive comments are welcome. I’m still working out my color scheme so that might change, but feel free to comment on it. Also, there may be glitches in functionality. If you notice something unusual, please point it out. I may already know about it, but then again, I might not.


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  • Tim Piffel says:
    Looks good to me!
  • Tim Gier says:
    I like the clean look of the site, it evokes the same feelings as your photos. I also like the way you use perspective to create a sense of space and scale in architecture photos & the use of close ups in the classic cars. @AdrianaMullen linked to Le Sommet des Neiges on twitter so I dropped by. Very nice.

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