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Goldenbird - 1955 Thunderbird

(Nikon D700, 28-80mm at 28mm, ISO 200, Exposure 1/500 sec @ f/16)

One of my favorite car shows of the summer is the ‘Eyes on Design’ car show held annually at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford mansion in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan. The show always has a great collection of interesting vehicles old and new. This picture shows a customized 1955 Thunderbird which was given the name ‘Goldenbird’ by its owner. Since this picture was taken at a show, there were several elements around the car that I didn’t want to have in the final image. I used the Content Aware Fill capability of Photoshop CS5 to remove some people who were sitting in the background. I also cloned out a big sign which was next to the car on the right and replaced it with grass patched in from various places. Finally I used Topaz Simplify to make the grass and background look more like a painting, while masking the car to keep the details. Finally I used a curves layer to darken the windows of the car and some of the background. Compare the finished image to the original below.

Goldenbird - 1955 Thunderbird (as shot)


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