Posted on Nov.04, 2008, under Ann Arbor, Michigan

(Olympus E-500, 14-45mm at 14mm (2x crop), ISO 100, exposure varies @ f/8.0)

This is an older image (about 2 years old) that I took of Barton Dam near Ann Arbor, Michigan. Even though I had lived in Ann Arbor for years, I had never been out to see the dam. It’s right outside of town so it’s not like it would take a major effort to go see it, I just never bother. One day I decided to take my new camera and go check out the dam. I was hooked. I’ve made several trips back to take pictures at different times of the year. This particular image is one of the first ones that I took. I was wanted to experiment with HDR so I packed up my tripod and headed out. I took 9 shots of varying exposures and blended them together using the Photomatix software. There was obviously a large amount of movement in the churning water, so I used Photoshop to blend in a single image, leaving the HDR for the dam itself and the sky. This was my first HDR and it is still one of my favorites. I really like the way the water flowing over the dam came out, as well as the motion of the clouds in the sky. If you look carefully, you will see a person walking across the top of the dam. He’s in about three different places.

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